Canada deserves better than a finance minister who loses track of his own assets. 

Trudeau’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau was given a second chance after not declaring his “villa” in France.

He was given a third chance when his family firm profited hugely from tax changes Morneau personally signed off.

Now, he has betrayed the trust of Canadians again by taking over $41,000 in luxury vacations courtesy of the Kielburger WE Charity conglomerate – the same organization that he tried to cut a $912 million cheque to, courtesy of you, the taxpayer.

Morneau has overstayed his welcome around the Canadian cabinet table, and it is time to say enough is enough.

Can you help? 

His tax hikes, his spending sprees, his huge deficits, his carbon tax — it’s a war on the Canadian middle class. But more than that: you just can’t trust a word he says. He lies — to the public, to the ethics commissioner, to his own staff.

If Morneau won’t resign, he needs to be fired.

Canada deserves better than a finance minister who is a cheater. He’s a liar.

Let’s do the same for Bill Morneau, and send him packing.

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