HYPOCRITE: Fire Rod Phillips!

Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips imposed a brutal lockdown on Ontario families and businesses. Then he secretly jetted off for a personal vacation, to where there is no lockdown. Doug Ford must fire Phillips.

UPDATE: Rod Phillips has resigned. 

Phillips returned to Toronto from his vacation and broke his quarantine to hold a press conference. Later the Premier accepted his resignation from his cabinet position. More details to come. 

Fire Rod Phillips! Ontario Finance Minister left Canada for Christmas vacation amid brutal lockdown

The Minister’s behaviour is truly beyond the pale. Especially when there’s evidence to suggest Phillips was pretending to be in Ontario when he wasn’t – just check out his own Twitter feed.

So, please make your voice heard.

BREAKING: Ontario finance minister took a secret vacation in defiance of his own lockdown rules

Ontario’s disappointing premier, Doug Ford, has brought in one of the most brutal pandemic lockdowns in North America. And his right-hand man has been Rod Phillips, the finance minister.

It was Phillips who gave Ford the green light to smash Ontario’s small businesses — restaurants, gyms, mom-and-pop retail stores, all struggling just to stay alive.

It was Phillips who was the architect of the strategy to let international big-box store chains like Costco and Walmart stay open, but to lock down the “little people”. Costco and Walmart can afford to hire lobbyists — they’re part of Doug Ford’s gravy train. Mom-and-pop shops can’t do the same.

Phillips has been particularly self-righteous about his lockdown, posting photos of himself wearing facemasks, and publicly calling for families to stay at home, not to visit anyone over Christmas and not to engage in “unnecessary” travel.

But all the while, Phillips was secretly planning his own winter getaway.

Well, today that sneaky hypocrite was caught. As reported by Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010, Phillips gave this bizarre excuse: "Had I been aware then of the eventual December 26th shutdown, we would have cancelled.”

Phillips made Christmas vacation plans before the lockdown was announced. And after it was announced, he refused to cancel his plans. Even though it was his own lockdown.

And the bizarre wording pretty clearly implies he is still on the beach right now.

There is no way such a wicked hypocrite can continue to govern. He has forfeited the trust of the people. In fact, he needs to be prosecuted for any violations of the law — including his obvious plans to skip the two-week quarantine that the rest of us would face if we went on a sunny vacation.

  • This is the man who smiled as Christian pastors were given massive tickets for holding church services.
  • This is the man who chuckled as police raided a restaurant that simply wanted to serve its customers.
  • This is the man who cheered as lockdown skeptics were called “yahoos” and “covidiots”.
  • The whole time he knew there was one set of rules for the little people — and another set of rules for him and his friends.

If you are as outraged as I am, please sign the petition now. We’ll personally deliver it to Doug Ford — unless he’s on a Florida beach, which is a real possibility too.