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Trudeau's gun grab is nothing more than an authoritarian assault on law-abiding firearms owners. Let's keep Trudeau's mitts off of our property!

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Keean Bexte (May 5, 2020):

Justin Trudeau is coming for our guns.

The federal government has released a list of 1,500 different firearms and accessories that will now be banned in Canada.

Trudeau’s minority Liberal administration claims that its legislation is necessary for ensuring public safety, but that is far from the case.

You see, firearms-related crimes in Canada are almost never committed by legally licensed citizens. Nova Scotia’s recent mass shooting, in which 23 Canadians were killed, is a prime example. The killer, a man without a firearms license, illegally imported a firearm from the U.S. and then stole another from an RCMP officer. 

Banning thousands of civilian-owned weapons in Canada would not have stopped that horrific tragedy.

This weapons ban amounts to nothing more than an authoritarian assault on legal, law-abiding firearms owners.

It is not about safety — it is about control.

And what will Canadian gun owners and sellers do with their ammunition and stock?

For small-time owners, this is a frightening loss. For retailers, it’s even worse.

I spoke to the owner of The Shooting Edge in Calgary to hear just how devastating this will be as his small firm stands to lose out on selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory. (Check out the FULL interview above.) 

This is a uniquely Canadian problem. Our Firearms Act is so haphazardly specific that different parts of a firearm are only ever made to be sold in Canada.

“There is no other market for them,” the owner of The Shooting Edge told me.

So, it goes without saying that Trudeau’s random order targets ordinary citizens while ignoring the actual criminals who are wreaking havoc — you know, the gang-bangers and firearms smugglers who cause serious damage to our communities.

Well, I’ve had enough of being treated worse than a common criminal, so I want to send a message to Trudeau that we — Canada’s law-abiding gun owners — will not stand for this.

But I can’t do it alone — I need tens of thousands of you at my back.

So, to send a message to the government, please sign our petition, and let's tell Trudeau to keep his mitts off of our property.