Christine Gauthier is a Canadian army veteran who served with distinction before she was injured in a training accident many years ago. Her injury to her back degenerated to the point where she needed to be in a wheelchair.

In spite of her mobility challenges, Christine went on to be a Paralympian and compete in the Invictus games, becoming a triple gold medalist.

As an injured veteran in a wheelchair, Christine needs a stair lift in her home. However, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has delayed the installation of the vital mobility aid for five years, forcing Christine to wiggle up and down the stairs of her home on her stomach, stripping her of her dignity.

Worse still, when Christine called veterans affairs caseworkers to find out the status of her lift, she was instead offered medical assistance in dying (MAID) from an angel of death bureaucrat on the other end of the line.

Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay has called Christine's story of an offer to die instead of help a "dangerous" lie.

MacAulay and his staff have one real job: to meet their sacred obligation to Canada's veterans to help them live their lives to the fullest. This is the promise we, as a nation, make to those who volunteer to die in service of our shared values.

It's time for the delays to end. Christine needs a chair lift, and she needs it now. In fact, she needed it five years ago. Enough is enough.

Christine should not suffer another day at the hands of a failed bureaucracy that ironically exists only to help her.

Canadians care and value veterans like Christine even if the government doesn't seem to.

Please sign this petition that will land on Minister MacAulay's desk demanding he ends the delays and get Christine the lift she needs today.