We have published an exclusive access to information investigation into the costs of illegal immigration at the Canada-U.S. border caused by Justin Trudeau’s notorious “Welcome to Canada” tweet. Click here to see Sheila's exclusive video reports.

It took the federal government two and a half years to fulfil the access to information request that led to us getting our hands on this trove of documents.

Why did it take so long? Was the government stalling to cover up its incompetence and how it endangered the health of Canadians?

We don’t know yet — but we do know that we need to hold Trudeau and his Liberal cronies accountable, especially when the Trudeau-friendly CBC resorts to fluff pieces.

Investigations like this one take a huge amount of time and money. We have a researcher who helps us file these requests and pore through them. And we think it's worth the effort. So if you can spare a few bucks to help us fund our hard-hitting investigative journalism, please use the donation form on this page to chip in — and we’ll keep getting the job done.

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