It’s more important than ever to hold the government to account — but we need your help.

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Lately, the politicians who have been forcing pandemic rules on Canadians and shutting down their businesses have been escaping their own rules and flying to warm, sunny, open destinations.

We decided to hunt down these politicians and expose their hypocrisy.

Why should you follow the lockdown when politicians and their families are jetting down to Florida to party like rock stars?

I don’t want to tell you every politician we’ve been hunting, because we’re still hunting them.

We've had journalists in five different locations in three different countries. And as long as these hypocrites are locking you down, we’ll be hunting them.

If you believe that’s important work, please help us pay for that real investigative journalism — I estimate we’ve spent $10,000 dollars tracking down lockdown cheaters, and with John Tory we finally caught him.

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