Housing crisis? Who cares, Justin Trudeau needs a new house

The National Capital Commission says that the prime minister needs a better residence to impress foreign dignitaries.

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Good news, Canada. Despite the rising cost of living and home prices being a major issue for many, news recently broke about some major developments at 24 Sussex Drive, the home of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A report from the National Capital Commission suggests that the prime minister's residence is in dire need of an upgrade.

But with home ownership seemingly so far out of reach for many Canadians, is this really the time to be planning to spend a minimum of $35 million?

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Tamara Ugolini and Kat Krozonouski shared their thoughts on the potential new living space for Justin Trudeau, with the news of possibly expanding Trudeau's carbon footprint arriving just in time for Earth Day.

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