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The COVID-19 pandemic is over in Canada. Yet for whatever reason, governments across Canada have decided that now — not back in March or April — is the time to make masks mandatory for the general public. 

But a review of several of the mask bylaws shows that legislators might actually be aware that their laws are unenforceable from a civil liberties point of view.

That’s why we have produced a "Mask Exemption" card, suitable for carrying in a wallet. It cites the key provisions of the mask bylaw that provide exemptions to customers, as well as the provision that forbids shopkeepers from demanding that customers prove that they’re exempt. 

Download it for free right here. Feel free to chip in a voluntary donation to help us cover the legal costs for drafting this card.

And if you prefer to buy a professionally-produced card, we’re selling those for $10 (including postage) — just make a minimum $10 donation on this page, and we’ll mail it out to you directly.

Please note: To purchase additional cards please place a separate order for each additional card that you would like to order. 

Right now our card has the Toronto bylaw details on it, but we may have other cards that are applicable to other jurisdictions too!