• By Keean Bexte

NO COVID JAILS: Help us cover the bill for Keean's detention!

Keean Bexte was taken to one of Trudeau's COVID jails upon his return home from the the U.S., so we're going to document these facilities — from the inside.

UPDATE: Keean Bexte is in a COVID jail!

Remember when Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster said that mandatory quarantine facilities were "misinformation”? Well, they're real, and they're awful.

Rebel News has been covering the establishment of these quarantine facilities for months.

Now they're forcing innocent, healthy travellers to quarantine in these government facilities at an enormous expense — up to $2,000 for a three-night detention. To make matters even worse, there have been alleged sexual assaults at some of the government approved quarantine facilities. What on earth is going on?

This past weekend, Keean was on the ground in Florida reporting on that state's freedom-oriented approach to the pandemic. Now that he's coming back to Canada, he's just the latest Canadian citizen being forced into these Trudeau COVID jails.

So rather than just complain about it, we're going to document these COVID jails — from the inside.

Over the next three days, please be sure to check back here at www.NoCovidJails.com, and follow Keean on his Twitter account, as he reports to you from the inside of Trudeau's squalid — and surely unconstitutional — detention centres. We know the CBC is obsessed with Keean's reports — maybe after seeing his reports, they'll finally admit these COVID jails exist!

Please check back here regularly. And please help us cover the cost of Keean's detention — which we expect to be a shocking $2,000 bill.

Keean's healthy — he has taken several COVID tests in recent days, both in Canada and the U.S. But Trudeau just wants to flex his muscles, and condition Canadians into accepting these restrictions as the “new normal."

Please help us cover Keean's expenses (including the cost of his COVID jail), so that we can bring you this one-of-a-kind journalism. Thanks!

If you've been legally kidnapped tell us your story!

Justin Trudeau is grabbing Canadians at our remaining international airports. Similar to how Donald Trump’s travel ban caused foreign nationals to be stranded at airports across the United States, Trudeau has done the same — but to his own citizens.

The added twist in the unfolding Canadian case is that the Prime Minister is using private security contractors to kidnap Canadians, after they manage to get through customs. Specifically, Trudeau is using G4S, GardaWorld and Paladin Risk Solutions to grab you when you land, and escort you to a Liberal Party approved holding cell at a secure government-occupied hotel complex.

This is serious, but Canadian and international civil liberties groups are missing in action. When it was Trump, it was all hands on deck from social justice lawyers and civil liberties groups. When it's Justin “Great Reset” Trudeau — crickets.

Rebel News has been helping people around the world fight unjust lockdown fines that violated their civil liberties, and now we are redoubling that effort here at home to help Canadians in need.

If you have been or know someone that has been legally kidnapped, please reach out to us at [email protected]. If you have a tip related to something else, please continue to use [email protected].

Thank you!

If you've been legally kidnapped tell us your story!

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