On Wednesday, May 11, the Conservative Party of Canada held a debate in Edmonton between the six leadership contenders — Scott Aitchison, Roman Baber, Patrick Brown, Jean Charest, Leslyn Lewis and Pierre Poilievre.

The debate was moderated by Tom Clark, a former pro-Liberal journalist now registered lobbyist who Trudeau put in charge of hiring at CBC.

Forgetting to leave his bias at the door, Clark created arbitrary rules for the leadership candidates, such as not naming Trudeau throughout the debate and raising a paddle before speaking.

Moreover, he asked them trivial and embarrassing questions about their favourite colour, what book they are currently reading, and their favourite musical artist.

The Conservative Leadership Organizing Committee should have never hired a Liberal to moderate a conservative event.

If you agree, please sign the petition on this page to ensure this is a one-time occurrence.

When this petition reaches a critical mass, we will submit this petition to the members of the Conservative Party's Leadership Election Organizing Committee.