Unlike the CBC, and the bail-out newspapers, Rebel News doesn't take any funding from Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau just gave $61,000,000 in secret payments to news reporters, on the eve of the election. And he won’t say who he paid, until after the election! It’s incredible that it’s a secret. Normally the media would dig into secret payments to Liberal friends. Except that they are the Liberal friends. Which explains the total silence amongst the mainstream media about this. They took the new bribe on top of their regular bail-outs.

So that’s what we’re up against at Rebel News. That’s our competition. We’re one of the few news companies not on the take. And since YouTube demonetized us this spring, since they cut off our right to sell ads, we’ve been reliant on donor donations. 

But we're not going down without a fight.

Here’s the plan to fight back:

  1. Journalism:Deploy the largest group of Rebel journalists ever assembled. Get them out in the field, not just in their home cities, but travelling.
  2. RebelNews+:Make our premium shows, which are normally behind the paywall, make them free for everyone during the election period.
  3. Legal: And have a free speech legal team ready to fight against the certain censorship that will be thrown against us and other independent journalists. (And we already started with our first election lawsuit).

We’re not just going to ask tough questions of Justin Trudeau and his Liberals. We’re going to ask tough questions of all politicians — including Erin O’Toole. Because we’re alarmed that he has given up on true Conservative ideas. He supports the carbon tax, and open borders immigration. But what’s new, just in recent weeks, is that he seems to have ordered his MPs not to criticize Trudeau’s plans for a mandatory vaccine passport. And he hasn’t had a word to say against Trudeau’s planned censorship bill, which would be the worst in the free world. In fact, O'Toole is firing candidates who dare speak out on those things.


Rebel News now has the largest team of reporters we’ve ever had. And many of them have joined our company in the last year. Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Hamilton, and Montreal.

We’re going to go out every day to ask real questions of the candidates. We’re not going to just sit in our studio and digest official press releases. We’re going to ask real questions — which is what we’re famous for. Even if the politicians call the police on us, which they sometimes do.

Rebel News is conservative in our world view, we love freedom. But we will not play favourites in this election — we will press candidates from all parties about freedom. Because we do not work for any party. We work only for our viewers. You’re the ones who pay for our journalism, and we owe you our honesty. 

And we’ll talk to the smaller parties too. Including Maxime Bernier’s PPC and Jay Hill's Maverick Party. And Derek Sloan has plans too that we are curious about. Because although they are small parties, they talk about freedom. And even big parties once started out as small parties.

We want to talk about the issues the other media won’t — that’s our motto, telling the other side of the story.

And we owe the country that. Because if we don’t talk about freedom, about ending the lockdowns, about protecting our civil liberties and our medical privacy, if we don’t talk about vaccine passports who will? If we don’t talk about internet freedom, and ask about Trudeau’s proposed censorship — who will?


RebelNews+ is what we call our nightly long format TV-style shows. We normally charge subscribers $8/month for access to our full-length, in-depth, TV-style shows by Ezra Levant, Sheila Gunn Reid, Andrew Chapados and David Menzies! 

We’re going to make our paywalled shows public for the duration of the campaign. It’s just so important that all of our monologues and interviews be made available to the public during the election. New subscribers can go to RebelNewsPlus.com and type in promo code ELECTION, you’ll get a free trial — and a special discount if you want to keep subscribing after. And you can always listen to our shows for free at RebelNewsPodcast.com too.


We know Trudeau is going to jump the gun and start censoring us even before his censorship law kicks in. You might recall, his hand-picked debates commission banned our reporters from even covering the election debates last time — so we had to run to court and get an emergency injunction to let us in. We know they’ll try that sort of thing again, so we have our free speech lawyers on stand-by ready to react.

But not just react — to be pro-active too. In fact, we just filed a Charter challenge to the Elections Canada attempts to censor my book critical of Justin Trudeau, called The Libranos.

Elections Canada has fined an author thousands of dollars for publishing a book that critical of Trudeau; but the lawsuit is obviously much bigger than just us — it’s about stopping Trudeau’s hand-picked cronies for censoring anyone who criticizes him. We must set the free speech precedent.

Your support:

One of the reasons we need your financial help is that we have to get our people on planes to criss-cross the country, to meet politicians where they are. We wouldn’t be allowed on their official campaign jets — only the CBC and Globe and Mail and Toronto Star get to do that, because Trudeau trusts them to be obedient. So we’ll probably spend $50,000 on flights alone, plus hotels and taxis as needed. 

Rebel News reporters and our freedom lawyers can make this election better, and promote ideas that no-one else in the mainstream media or even the main parties want to talk about. If that’s important, please help fund our coverage!