The saga of Pastor Artur Pawlowski is one of the biggest stories that Rebel News has ever covered.

When mainstream media outlets spun the story or outright ignored it, we were on the ground bringing you the truth.

If we know anything about Pastor Art, he's not scared of the government and he's not backing down. He's willing to stand up and fight for his church, your church, my church, and for anybody who wants to be left alone by the province during the pandemic.

Pastor Art's excellent lawyer, Sarah Miller, is working for him at no cost to him and you can contribute to help pay his legal fees by donating on this page.

All donations will go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity helping with our 'Fight The Fines' project. So, you can now get an official charitable receipt for a donation made on this page and use it to reduce your Canadian taxes.

Today, it is more important than ever that you contribute what you can to his legal battle.

You can also follow along for updates on Pastor Artur's legal proceedings here.

And you can donate by cheque by making it out to the Democracy Fund and mailing the cheque to:

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