• By Keean Bexte

Help save this 25 year old Calgary mural!

Don't let this beautiful Calgary mural be another victim of Mayor Nenshi's poor taste in artwork! Sign the petition to save it today.

Can you help us save this beautiful piece of art by signing the petition?

UPDATE: The mural has been saved...for now

A beautiful mural was hours away from being destroyed by Black Lives Matter radicals, but thanks to everyone who signed the petition, it was saved. Of course, that didn’t stop Naheed Nenshi from being a bitter little grouch, calling everyone who opposed the destruction of the 25-year old mural a “racist,” and that they “have used this as an excuse to push their own views.”

In fact, if you even signed our petition, Nenshi wants you to find another city to live in. He literally wants you to move. “If that’s how you feel, find another place to live,” the entitled mayor pouted.

Nenshi hasn't decided to keep the mural. It's just being delayed. 

Please sign our petition and pass it on to your friends and family so we can make sure that this mural won't be replaced when they make a decision in the future. 

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi hates beauty.

Years ago, after his first term, Nenshi was once known as the “Worlds Greatest Mayor,” but that since then he has become iconic for his poor art choices.

Nenshi wasted millions of dollars on modernist trash like the two bobbing chickens outside his extravagant library, half a million on the Bowfort Towers (massive rusted steel columns) and of course just shy of $500,000 on the iconically ugly Big Blue Ring. (Really, that is all it is – a massive blue ring.)

Nenshi isn’t just set on paying through the nose for abstract junk; he wants to get rid of the few beautiful things the city still has left.

I’m referring to a giant mural in the west end of the city core, a well-known brick canvas featuring two giant hands releasing a dove. “Giving Wings to the Dream,” is what the 25 year old masterpiece is called, and it inspires everyone from the intern on her way to work to the recovering opioid addict.

Everyone can see a message in the nuanced artwork, and that is what makes it beautiful – that is also why Nenshi hates it.

He just commissioned a radical Black Lives Matter surrogate to cover this popular artwork with a political message painted by a “QTBIPOC artist” (Queer, Transgender, Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour.)

While unemployment soars, at a time when all Calgarians need to see a message of hope, optimism, and peace (not just the 4.6 per cent of the population who are black), Nenshi is paying over a hundred thousand dollars to deface one of the last beautiful things left in the city.

It’s not just at that location, either – Nenshi wants three more similar installations throughout the city.

Nenshi has hired Pink Flamingo to raze that piece of art and replace it with modern political messaging. Beauty is worth protecting and Nenshi is using this as an opportunity to radicalize the city with similar Black Lives Matter messaging that can be seen popping up across North America.

Let's save this mural. Please sign the petition if you agree!