Justin Trudeau’s new censorship bill, C-36, criminalizes mean words on the Internet. It makes anyone liable for a tweet or Facebook post they made — even years ago as a teenager.

Bill C-36 allows for secret complaints — so you’ll never know who is suing you. But you could be forced to pay them up to $20,000 for every offensive tweet or Facebook post you make, in addition to $50,000 in fines to the government.

Believe it or not, that’s not even the worst part about C-36. The bill actually allows any woke activist to go to court and accuse someone of triggering them — to say that they are afraid that someone “might” do or say something “hateful”. 

It’s like Tom Cruise’s movie Minority Report — the Department of Pre-Crime. Under Bill C-36, a woke activist can ask a judge to order that someone be severely punished even if they haven’t done anything yet. These punishments include wearing an ankle bracelet tracker; being subject to curfews; being banned from communicating with any person or going to any place; and even (weirdly) being banned from drinking alcohol.

All because some activist is afraid they “might” say something mean on the Internet!

If you think any of this is an exaggeration, you can read Bill C-36 for yourself here: 

This is literally the worst law in the free world. Frankly, the Internet censorship part is the least of it. But the secret complaints system, the cash rewards for complainers, and the Deparment of Pre-Crime are simply concepts of law that are incompatible with democracies. They belong in authoritarian police states — or science fiction movies.

Please sign our petition to Stop C-36. We’ll fight it journalistically and politically — and if we have to, in court.