Bug Eating

In an attempt to "save the planet" global elites are tirelessly pushing bug eating propaganda on average citizens — they must be stopped.

Every day, more propaganda appears in the media in an attempt to normalize bug eating.

The World Economic Forum has been at the forefront of promoting the consumption of insects for years now, advocating that eating bugs is the way of the future.

From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking expert help on establishing best practices for humans and animals to eat bugs in Canada to educating kids in the U.K. about "alternative proteins", the push to encourage people to eat bugs is expanding on a global scale — and we at Rebel News don't like it.

If you are equally repulsed by the idea of incorporating creepy crawlies into your diet, please sign our petition right here.

You can also follow all our coverage showing you the other side of the story on bug-eating propaganda and donate to support our 100% viewer-funded journalism on this page.

PETITION: I Won't Eat Bugs

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