Migrant Reports

Hundreds of foreign migrant workers are staging protests and even threatening a hunger strike in PEI.

Rebel News's Lincoln Jay is travelling to Charlottetown, PEI to find out what on earth is going on out there, because the CBC can't be trusted to tell the full story.

He's going to be asking questions such as:

What’s going on?

What promises were made to them?

Who got rich off them?

And will any of them be sent home — or are these “temporary” workers really here forever?

Lincoln will be filing his reports right here at www.MigrantReports.com. If you can help us crowdfund the costs of his trip, we’d be grateful — his economy-class flight, one night’s hotel and taxis will likely add up to $700.

If you think this reporting is important — and if you don’t trust the CBC to tell you the truth — please help us cover the cost of Lincoln’s trip. In return, we promise you a very candid report on these protests, including asking the questions: who’s organizing these protests? Who’s paying for them?

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