Migrant Reports: Manhattan Migrant Crisis

New York City has been impacted by the overwhelming influx of illegal migrants entering the USA. Bus loads of migrants have been shipped to NYC, placed in hotels, paid for by the taxpayer.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was once proud to call this a sanctuary city. Fast forward to today, he is now asking a judge to revisit NYC's sanctuary city status.

Lincoln Jay and I arrived on the ground two days ago to investigate exactly what is happening here. You know you can't rely on the mainstream media to provide accurate reporting. That is exactly why we are here.

We have spoken with a mother from Coney Island who expressed her concern over the fact that her child's school gymnasium was being used as a place for migrants to sleep, without the parents' consent.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, the homeless shelters and food banks are reaching a boiling point. Humanitarian workers are complaining of resources running dry. Homeless people feel that they are being pushed to the side while migrants get accommodated.

We now know for certain that illegal migrants are being housed in hotels across the city. The location of the hotels are not being released to the public. We have already found a few of them, with staff and security trying to prevent us from filming.

We are going to continue investigating this situation and see what else we can discover. We do this for our viewers because we know how important it is for you to know the truth.

There is just no possible way that we can do this type of journalism without your financial support. NYC is extremely expensive. We made the drive from Montreal to keep the travel costs as low as possible.

If you think it is important for us to be here, please consider donating to support our work. We simply cannot do this without your help. Stay tuned for more updates. You can check back right here at MigrantReports.com for our latest reports.

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