Save Paddy Hogg

In 2020, Paddy Hogg, a member of the North Lanarkshire Council in Glasgow, Scotland, was told he is not allowed to criticize lockdowns publicly.

Paddy Hogg is a former member of the North Lanarkshire Council, previously elected to represent the ward of Cumbernauld East, just outside of Glasgow.

In 2020, he was told he would not be allowed to speak publicly about the government's pandemic response at an anti-lockdown event.

Since then, Paddy Hogg was accused of being the leader of an anti-lockdown movement, and on 5 January, the police arrested him in an attempt to charge him under new COVID-19 laws.

They claim Paddy was recklessly endangering lives by organizing a lockdown protest, which they deemed a 'superspreader event.'

Hogg was not peddling conspiracy theories or speaking nonsense — although even if he were, this would still not justify silencing an elected representative of the people —yet, the Scottish government declared dogmatically what the truth was, leaving no room for discussion or debate!

So, Rebel News is fighting back on Hogg's behalf, but we need your help to restore justice and his right to challenge the thought police.

  1. LEGAL: We have hired a top-notch lawyer to defend Paddy and are crowdfunding his legal defence!
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