A visit to America’s first ‘Transgender Voting Center’ in West Hollywood

When asked for some examples of discrimination against transgender individuals at regular voting centers that justified the creation of this one, Queen Victoria Ortega recalled being repeatedly ‘misgendered’ at the polls.

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On March 2, 2024, the United States’ first-ever transgender vote center opened at the Connie Norman Transgender Empowerment Center in West Hollywood, California ahead of the primary election in a move that mainstream media sources reported ‘made history.’

CBS reports that “while it will be open to all voters, organizers will place an emphasis on serving a safe and empowering place for transgender, non-binary and LGBTQA+ community members.”

This center has been used to provide "comprehensive resources, training, support and medical services for transgender people in the county." It is named after Connie Norman, who was also known as the ‘aids diva’ a self-described ‘ex drag-queen, ex-hooker, ex IV-drug user, ex-high-risk-youth, and postoperative transsexual woman who was HIV positive.’

Connie tragically passed away at age 47 in 1996 due to AIDS complications. Her ashes were scattered on the White House lawn.

I wanted to know, why is this being called a ‘transgender voting center’ when it’s open for anyone to vote at? What was the necessity of a transgender voting center— are other voting centers unsafe for the gender confused? Could the lack of political diversity at an ‘LGBTQ+’ vote center lead to election fraud?

I investigated the polls myself, spoke to locals at a nearby park, and had a conversation with a transgender male legally named Queen Victoria Ortega who is the president of Flux, the organization behind the ‘trans empowerment center’ to find some answers.

While voting at the center, I was able to legally cast my ballot with no ID in hand and in a county different from my place of residence. Not only that, but the poll workers continuously referred to me in the third person by calling me ‘they’ instead of ‘she’…

When I asked Queen Victoria what discrimination against transgenders was occurring at other voting centers that justified the creation of this one, her majesty told me about previous instances of being constantly ‘misgendered’ at non-trans voting centers.

Perhaps by the next election, woke Californians will bring us lesbian voting centers, straight voting centers, non-binary voting centers, and even illegal immigrant voting centers.

Radical gender ideology has gone too far— not only by wasting our tax dollars on virtue-signalling efforts such as this one but by encouraging our children at government-funded schools to change their gender, and that mom and dad are bigots if they say oppose it.

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