On the ground at the pro-Hamas takeover of the New York Fashion Institute

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Tonight, our third and final report from New York City on how Hamas hate marches have colonized universities. We'll visit the Fashion Institute of Technology and give you a report from the scene on April 26.

The Fashion Institute of Technology has been around for more than half a century and used to be the home of Jewish fashion in the city, including famous names like Calvin Klein. Well, like so many things in this city — like Columbia University itself — the Jews are out and Hamas is in.

A group of pro-Hamas supporters stormed into the lobby of the Institute and set up an echo camp of what's at Columbia. Their demands? They want the institute to cut all ties with Israel — and they put Israel in quotation marks.

We spoke to some of the kids outside who really didn't have a clue what was going on. They didn't know much about Gaza or Israel. We asked them what they had to say about the Uyghur genocide — those are the Muslims in Western China who are literally put in concentration camps. They don't know any of that. They prefer to chant.

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