Let me tell you a story about my favourite U.S. governor, and what we can learn from him

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On tonight's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses his appreciation for Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis and how polls indicate that Donald Trump has a good chance in the Republican primary.

Particularly, Ezra highlights the recent Harvard-Harris poll, which suggests that if an election were held today, Donald Trump would achieve a significant victory with a substantial six percent lead. This lead is even more substantial than any president has enjoyed since Obama's win over John McCain 15 years ago.

It’s just a poll but it shows that no matter what the deep state has thrown at Trump, a lot of people still want him back—it really is incredible when you stop to think how desperate things have become in the three years since the last election. The economy; American prestige; wars and more wars. Ezra thinks Trump could win the election even if he were in prison, but he's  worried that he will be assassinated, as they tried to do to Brazil’s Bolsonaro just weeks before his historic election.

"You’ve heard me say it before, though it’s been a while since we’ve spoken about DeSantis. I like him because he’s a principled conservative," said Ezra.

"I like how he fights with the media and doesn’t bend the knee to them. But what I like most about him, what I like more about him than any other conservative politician in the world that I can name, is that he uses all of the tools at his disposal. He works every angle. He uses every power that a governor has. In that way, he’s like a Democrat."

Ezra added:

The Democrats are relentless, they’re all-encompassing. They don’t leave anything unused or untouched. Look at how they’re going after Trump, how they have, and still are.

Where’s that killer instinct on the right? Why didn’t they go after Hillary Clinton in that way? Let alone the Bidens. Look at the brutal prosecution of the January 6 meanderers—that’s what I’m calling the “insurrectionists." Some insurrection, as if meandering around the Capitol Building was tantamount to a coup.

As if, if you only sat in a magical throne, you’d be kind or something. But they’ve jailed those meanderers for three years already, and are now prosecuting even lawyers and assistants to Trump.

I’m not saying conservatives should break the law, as is clearly happening under the Democrats. But DeSantis comes the closest to being a full-meal deal activist governor as possible. 

For instance, DeSantis fearlessly confronted Disney, a previously untouchable entity, when they embraced a "woke" agenda. DeSantis successfully removed their special legal status in Florida, leading to Disney's commitment to step away from such ideological stances, though its sincerity remains to be seen.

DeSantis earned admiration during the lockdowns for his resolute stance against them. He appointed a surgeon general with a strong commitment to freedom and rejected merely echoing Dr. Fauci's recommendations.

He prevented schools from closing and barred local politicians from enforcing vaccine mandates, engaging in similar battles with cruise ship companies. DeSantis has maximized the powers available to a governor in a way that is notably distinctive among the 26 Republican governors.

Which brings us to the current problem with Israel and Hamas. What can a governor do? Foreign policy and military policy and diplomatic policy are federal matters, not for governors to do, right? Right. Here is a letter from DeSantis’s appointees running the state university system. So these are universities funded by the state.

GUEST: Avi Yemini, Chief Australian Reporter 

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