30 ways Canada censors its citizens

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On Friday, the Canadian government announced that it was now requiring YouTubers, podcasters and livestreamers to register with the government. Journalists here in Canada were meek, but other countries’ journalists were shocked.

But then I saw my friend Billboard Chris’s comment about free speech, being "free to say" whatever, whenever in defiance of the government:

I like Chris a lot. My first response was: don’t tempt fate, Chris!

Here’s what he often does:

Chris is polite. He does a lot of his work in the U.S., where they have the First Amendment. But is he right about Canada? Is he really free? I guess it looks like it.

But I’ve been in the free speech trenches for a while. And I’m sorry to say, what Chris does would absolutely be illegal in more and more places in the country — such as within 100 metres of a drag queen story hour in Calgary. I know, because Pastor Derek Reimer was charged by police for doing just that.

So I thought, maybe I should recap the censorship that’s going on in Canada today. Not just for Chris, but for everyone to know. Some of these examples are bigger than others; some are more subtle. But they are all real. And it’s getting worse.

Here are 30 ways the government censors us in Canada.

  1. CRTC registration of podcasters.
  2. Chris is assaulted and police do nothing.
  3. Dr. James Lindsay and Meghan Murphy venues keep getting cancelled 
  4. Or controversial activists like Bill Whatcott and Eric Brazau.
  5. The Human Rights Commission attempting to censor me over political cartoons.
  6. Me: attorney general at Sun
  7. The NDP bullying a theatre owner into cancelling my book launch.
  8. Election Canada's prosecution of me for writing The Libranos, a book critical of Justin Trudeau
  9. Book bannings, like Indigo-Chapters not stocking Andrew Lawton's Freedom Convoy book or Amazon banning my China Virus book.
  10. Rebel News being banned from press conferences — with the Media Party in the Parliamentary Press Gallery supporting the ban. 
  11. Rebel News being denied credentials at the UN.
  12. Rebel News being banned from asking questions at the federal leaders' debates twice.
  13. Rebel reporters being physically beaten, shot or shoved — and our temporary headquarters raided.
  14. Calgary police seize attempting to seize our footage.
  15. The Trudeau government's censorship bills, like C-11 an C-18.
  16. The Trudeau government rejecting our application for a “Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization” licence.
  17. Trudeau handing out money to “trusted” media outlets.
  18. Government putting pressure on social media companies to censor.
  19. Trudeau partnering with the University of Arkansas in an operation to spy on Rebel News.
  20. The state broadcaster smearing Rebel News, the largest independent media company in the country.
  21. Being blocked on Twitter — a government service denied to us.
  22. Royal Bank financially deplatforming Rebel News because of our conservative viewpoint.
  23. Creating political bubble zones where protesters will be prosecuted — like Pastor Derek Reimer in Calgary.
  24. Pastor Artur Pawlowski being convicted for delivering a sermon to protesters at the Coutts border blockade. 
  25. The forced closure of churches during COVID-19 lockdowns.
  26. Justice Adam Germain issuing a compelled speech order on Pastor Artur.
  27. Trudeau effectively exiling Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Google from news under threat of regulation.
  28. Waterloo, Ontario, issuing a “no harassing words” bylaw.
  29. A $300 ticket being issued in Calgary to a 1 Million March 4 Kids protester.
  30. Invoking Canada's form of martial law in response to honking from the Freedom Convoy truckers.

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