Exploring citizen journalism and Canadian politics: In-depth interview with True North's Andrew Lawton

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On tonight's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra delves into 'The Matrix,' describing how the movie was ahead of its time. Neo, the main character, is faced with a choice. The blue pill makes him forget everything, keeping him in a comfortable but ignorant state within the Matrix. On the other hand, the red pill wakes him up to the harsh realities of the world, making him aware of the problems around him.

Ezra emphasizes that independent journalists opt for the "red pill," prioritizing truth over the narrative presented by mainstream media. 

In discussing the Israel-Hamas conflict, he also mentions that "dozens of churches in Canada have either been torched, including burnt completely to the ground or vandalized."

"I just can't help but think if it was 80 mosques that had been vandalized instead of 80 churches or a Muslim school rather than a Jewish school, I think that both the media and the Trudeau government would have reacted differently," says Ezra.

It's also getting a bit crazy with what feels like a war on Christmas and, to some extent, even on Hanukkah. They're banning the traditional Menorah lightings! In Calgary, the mayor initially said no to the Jewish menorah, calling it divisive. Then, to make it fair, they decided to ban Christmas decorations too.

Ezra also discusses Bill C-11, saying that the first step is to put the internet under government control.

"Section nine of C-11 gives the government, through the CRTC, the power to alter the 'discoverability' of anything on the internet for any reason at all," he says.

Additionally, Ezra concludes by listing things he believes will happen in the year 2024.

GUEST: Andrew Lawton from True North.

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