Eventbrite, 2 venues try to cancel Dr. James Lindsay events held by Take Back Alberta

Despite the attempts to cancel the event, Take Back Alberta founder David Parker is determined to make it proceed one way or another.

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Rebel News was joined by Take Back Alberta (TBA) founder David Parker to discuss a case in which two venues and  ticketing website Eventbrite have decided to embrace cancel culture and do their best to scrap two TBA events featuring Dr. James Lindsay.

For folks who aren’t familiar with Dr. James Lindsay’s work, he is a bit of a polymath with a background in mathematics. He has also been a recurring guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, but he is very likely most well-known for successfully publishing hoax academic papers that point out the absurdity of modern progressive academia via satire.

If you subscribe to RebelNews+ you can watch a full conversation with Dr. James Lindsay from The Ezra Levant Show filmed a little while back by clicking here.

With ample attention being focused on many of the radical ideologies coming out of academic circles and now being pushed in schools and regular protests calling for the de-politicization of schools taking place across the country, Take Back Alberta decided to bring in Dr. Lindsay for his unique insight into the mindset and body of work of those advocating for Marxist and gender erasing policies not only in far off ivory tower institutions, but right here in Alberta schools.

It seems that any event that affirms what everyone on earth agreed to on gender 15 years ago is suddenly subject to cancellation. It is permissible to have doctors who transition psychologically vulnerable and developmentally immature children host events promoting their work just about anywhere. People can fundraise to transition minors publicly and sell tickets to age-inappropriate drag events without incident.

But apparently having an event questioning the wisdom of permanently removing the breasts or genitals of a minor is an unforgivable sin. I asked Parker why he believes society is such a one-way street right now and why businesses, venues and even ticket sellers are willing to go along with all of it.

We also discussed whether Parker believes the tide is turning and these attempts at cancel culture are the death throes of a movement that senses that their perpetual “progress” over the last couple decades is finally coming to an end with parents and concerned citizens alike finally saying enough is enough.

Finally, we discussed whether the event would be proceeding despite these attempts to stifle the free exchange of ideas in Alberta… which was unsurprisingly met by a come hell or high water attitude by Parker who affirmed the event would proceed one way or another.

People around the world are rising up against woke radical progressivism and demanding an end to the overreach of government and educational institutions alike, we are covering all those stories at StopClassroomGrooming.com.

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