University of Ottawa's pro-Hamas squatters can't answer questions

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Normally, protesters demonstrate to get their message out. However, Rebel News encountered a lot of silent, useful idiots justifying terror at the University of Ottawa.

That's because the demonstrators were carefully managed by organizers who wouldn't want questions about who paid for the matching tents and professionally printed signage for this allegedly organic and spontaneous protest.

In statements to their social media and to sycophantic and apologetic mainstream media, the squatters say they are demanding a divestment of the University of Ottawa from interests with the State of Israel.

Israel is fighting an existential battle against Gaza-based Hamas terrorists in the wake of the October 7th attack which left at least 1200 dead and another 240 kidnapped.

The squatters call Israeli retaliation for the murder of civilians, including babies and the elderly, "genocide."

GUEST: Ottawa Reporter Robert Kraychik discusses the Hamas encampment at the University of Ottawa, and what's upcoming in Coutts, Alberta.

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