PETITION: Why did Andrew Scheer send POLICE to arrest reporter David Menzies?

PETITION: Why did Andrew Scheer send POLICE to arrest reporter David Menzies?


I cannot believe it.

We sent David “The Menzoid” Menzies to report from an Andrew Scheer campaign event. Like we normally do.

CBC journalists were welcomed. But David was kicked out!

They actually sent police to throw him out. He hadn’t even done anything. He hadn’t even been let in yet.

The Conservative Party said David wasn’t “accredited”. Really? David’s been an accredited journalist for 30 years — he’s covered hundreds of political events from parties of every stripe.

Why would Scheer kick out David, but welcome the CBC — who despise the Conservatives? Is Scheer trying to suck up to the Media Party, because they’re controlling the leaders debates?

Just recently, Scheer was asked by a young student in Halifax if he’d let Rebel News reporters attend Conservative events. And Scheer told that student he would. See for yourself, here:

None of this makes sense.

Anyways, David left. He left the private property. He went to the public sidewalk. He was filming a video from the sidewalk. And then he was swarmed by police who arrested him and handcuffed him.

Why did they do that?

Who ordered them to do that?

David had left the property. He was on the sidewalk.

He’s a man in his fifties with two artificial hips. He’s not a screaming Antifa thug; he’s not a trespasser.

They handcuffed him. Why? To humiliate him?

They finally took off his cuffs and he called me. But then more police came and took away his phone. I immediately called a lawyer. Within an hour, they let him go, without any charges.

But their point was made: don’t you dare try to ask questions of our political elites. Or the police will arrest you.

Well, point not taken.

I can tell you one thing: today’s outrageous treatment of David Menzies will not stop us from doing our jobs.

I’ll be candid, we’re more used to Justin Trudeau banning us — and Rachel Notley, before she was fired by voters. It says more about them than it does about us. Actually it does say something about us: we ask questions that politicians would rather not be asked.

Can you help us? We need your help!

There are three things you can do:

1. Tell your local conservative candidate that this is nuts. It’s a Trudeau move, not a conservative move. Ask them if they think it’s wise to ban the only conservative-leaning media company in Canada. To ban us — and then to sic the police on us, and arrest us. They literally handcuffed Menzies.

Who asked them to do that?

2. Sign our petition to Andrew Scheer by adding your name below.

It’s just what it sounds like. Let Us Report — just like you let the CBC report. We’ll go to a Conservative event and hand it to him. Unless they handcuff us, I guess. Scheer and I are old friends. Surely he’ll treat us as well as he treats Jian Ghomeshi’s old network, the CBC.

3. And finally, please help us keep on reporting, no matter who kicks us out.

I just got off the phone with David, and I’ve told him to keep asking Andrew Scheer questions. Not gotcha questions, but real questions — the kind the CBC would never ask him. Questions like these:

        • Do you support Trudeau's calls for political censorship of the Internet?
        • If elected, would you end the $600 million newspaper bail-out?
        • If elected, would you privatize the CBC?
        • What do you think the optimum number of immigrants is each year for Canada?
        • ...and so many more.

Those aren’t trick questions. They’re questions any conservative should answer. But they’re questions that only Rebel News would ask. Can you really see a CBC journalist pressing Scheer about ending the bail-out?

My goal as the publisher of Rebel News is to do journalism — to tell the other side of the story. Most of the time, that means asking accountability questions of the Liberals, NDP and Greens, because the mainstream media never does.

We lean conservative here at Rebel News, and we wear our heart on our sleeves — we want Trudeau gone. I just wrote the best-selling book called The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption. I think it’s clear what I stand for.

But that doesn’t mean we’re going to let Scheer become like Trudeau. Having police arrest David Menzies was a Trudeau move, not a move any conservative should be proud of. Actually it’s worse — I’ve never actually seen Trudeau have someone arrested, have you?

Andrew Scheer might think he's at war with us, but we’re not at war with him. We just want to be able to do our job — and we will, whether he likes it or not.

So help us out — sign the petition to Scheer. And if you want us to keep on going — if you want Scheer to stop acting like Trudeau — you can chip in a few bucks, too.

I want David, Sheila, Keean, Jessica and the rest of our team to keep covering the news. If you do too, call your conservative candidate; sign our petition and please chip in a few dollars to help keep us on the campaign trail.

You can see our whole campaign plan — including our signature “Jumbotron truck” billboards, and our Libranos lawn signs!

Thanks. And Andrew — give your head a shake. You’re trying to replace Trudeau, not become him.

Freedom of the press isn't just a conservative idea, it's a Canadian idea. Andrew Scheer must keep his promise, allow Rebel News to attend his press conferences, and stop sending police to arrest journalists.

Will you sign?

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