Irish government 'oppresses' citizenry with open border immigration

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Tonight, Ezra reports from Ireland, where its citizenry are amassing against counter-protestors, amid declining support for open border immigration.

In 2022, the Irish government permitted 17,000 undocumented migrants and their families to join a "once-in-a-generation" government scheme to achieve Irish citizenship.

The country is expected to accept 20,000 asylum seekers by the end of this year. By April 12, more than 6,000 people had applied for asylum in Ireland.

The Irish are an indigenous people of the land. They didn't colonize anyone. They didn't kick anyone out. And if you want to use the woke terminology, they've been the oppressed group.

“Get them out!” Thousands of people chanted against open borders in Dublin, Ireland earlier this week. Among the crowd were dozens of Irish flags.

"They're being denounced by the usual suspects as 'far right,' but it's hard to credit that when you see the 'severely normal people' who are out here," reports Levant.

"They're just concerned about their communities, and the fact that Ireland, which is a fairly small country, is being asked to take in hundreds of thousands of migrants," he added.

A few dozen counter-protesters rallied against the protest, divided by local law enforcement to maintain the peace. Unsurprisingly, here were no Irish flags from counter-protesters except for one that was marked up.

Last week, 60 asylum seekers, many who are military aged men, arrived at Trudder House in Newtownmountkennedy, following weeks of pushback from locals. "Communities which have been Irish for centuries are suddenly finding themselves with hundreds of migrants," continued Levant.

It is believed the government never consulted Newtownmountkennedy residents on the matter, leading to uproar. One incident descended into violence, leading to several arrests.

Levant reports that Ireland has accepted roughly 100,000 Ukrainian migrants to date in a country of five million people. "For proportion, that would be like if Canada took a million Ukrainians," he said. "It simply stresses every part of the system."

Levant said Ireland is years ahead of us in protesting open borders. "I've never seen a similar march in Canada against mass immigration," he claimed.

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