UNBELIEVABLE: Security locks the door on 'Stop the Carbon Tax' petition

Rebel News tried to deliver its 'Stop the Carbon Tax' petition to the Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada without success.

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Rebel News attempted to deliver the 'Stop the Carbon Tax' petition to Environment and Climate Change Canada in Gatineau, Quebec. Security promptly locked Rebel News out of the building to avoid taking the petition.

The unsuccessful attempt to follow the United Nations Plastic Summit last month. Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault earlier blocked the publication from attending a press conference at the Shaw Centre, as seen here:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised the carbon tax on April 1, coinciding with the annual pay hike for MPs and Cabinet ministers. Meanwhile, families, farmers, industry workers, small businesses, and individual Canadians have suffered the financial increases of this tax hike.

When we arrived at the Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada, security informed us that personnel would accept the petition. Soon after, the guard clarified that no one was available, without providing the details for the best person to contact.

On scene, several government employees passed by, refusing to accept the petition. The team tried to return later, but security had locked the doors, effectively denying entry.

Rebel attempted to submit the petition to Minister Guilbeault the following day, without success. The petition has been transferred to Ottawa reporter Robert Kraychik, who will attempt to deliver the petition either to Guilbeault or the next person in charge.

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