Rebel News is being raided, in slow motion, by the Calgary police

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The Calgary Police are coming after Rebel News.

Now, they didn't smash their way through the front door of our office, but they’ve done something almost as terrifying.

They served us with a court order saying if we didn't give them a whole bunch of photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings and if we didn't do it quickly, we could be fined, and I could even be imprisoned for it.

An officer named Bradley Milne went to a judge and said certain things, I don't know, we were not allowed there — it was a secret hearing called an ex parte hearing. But that meeting resulted in the judge ordering Rebel News to hand over footage within 30 days or risk being jailed.

Now it's been more than 30 days. So, am I going to jail? Well, not if my lawyer has anything to do about it.

Here's a letter my lawyer wrote back to that cop, pointing out, "sorry buddy, your law is wrong."

We wrote to the cops and said you're doing it wrong. We're gonna go to court; we're gonna sue you because you're harassing us because you don't know the law. You don't have the right to take our news footage.

In fact, there's a particular section of the criminal code that deals with cops who want to grab footage from journalists. They have to go to a senior court, and they have to have a high burden of proof. We don't live in a banana republic where governments seize things from journalists.

So here's the application we are going to court on September 19th at 10 a.m. in Calgary to the real court called the Court of King's bench, asking them to quash and revoke this illegal order.

Now, you'd think the government would say, ok, we got it wrong. We went to the wrong court; we didn't even read the law — fine. But so far, they have not consented to revoking their illegal order.

So, we have to go to court unless somehow they come to their senses, but they won't because the Calgary police are politically motivated. They do extreme things with no basis in operational policing and that can only be explained as political theatre for their masters.

Remember, it was the Calgary police that arrested Christian pastor Artur Pawlowski in the street like he was some big drug lord. Remember this? That's not policing. That's political theatre designed to humiliate a Christian pastor, dragging him into the street on a rainy day.

They also like to humiliate conservative Christians. Here's them doing that to pastor Tim Stephens in front of his kids.

Calgary Police are so gross. Remember, they're the police force that saw some guys skating on an outdoor skating rink and threatened to taser him if he didn't get off. Remember this insanity?

Rebel News is not being targeted for any policing reasons — I think this cop is looking for something our cameras caught that they missed. I think the police want to see what the Christians and the Conservatives were doing in our footage, so they can charge them.

I don't trust the Calgary police. Do you?

Do you think it's important to stand up to the police when they try to seize your footage? I think it is. And the reason I say that is because I don't work for the government, and neither do our journalists. And when our journalists and our cameras show up and we're wearing the Rebel News logo, I don't want people to think I'm running errands for that abusive mayor of Calgary or that crooked Police Chief.

If a Rebel News reporter talks to you, you must know that it is only for journalistic purposes. We do not run errands for police, especially corrupt, politicized police like the city of Calgary. And if some cop is gonna come and demand our footage, then he bloody well better follow the law.

So, I'll see them in court on September 19th at 10 a.m. in Calgary. And if you think that I'm in the right here and these bullies are in the wrong, please help chip in to our legal war chest. We've already spent $9,000 fighting this. And the only reason we've had to incur that cost is because we're conservative, and the Mayor and the Police Chief of Calgary are woke radical leftists.

The woke police of Calgary have demanded we hand over our footage to them. Now, I don't work for the government, and I don't work for a police force that's woke like they are. Help me fight back, and please chip in to help pay our legal fees. Thank you!

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