Another day, another scandal in Ottawa and still no real apology from Trudeau

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

Canada finds itself once again entangled in a political scandal, leaving citizens questioning the leadership in Ottawa. This time, it's not just one scandal but another addition to a growing list of controversies that seem to slide off the federal Liberals like water off a duck's back.

The most recent fiasco, known as "NaziGate," unfolded in the House of Commons, casting a dark shadow on Canadian politics.

Just a short while ago, the headlines were dominated by Chinese electoral interference and the India Fiasco Roman Numeral II, illustrating the alarming frequency of these scandals. Yet, Justin Trudeau, the man in the eye of the storm, continues to evade accountability, thanks in part to the subservient mainstream media.

The core of the NaziGate scandal lies in the astonishing oversight that allowed a former Nazi soldier, Yaroslav Hunka, to receive a standing ovation in the House of Commons. Hunka, a veteran of the brutal Waffen-SS 1st Galician Division, fought for the enemy during World War II. His presence and the subsequent handling of the situation have been nothing short of disgraceful.

In the aftermath, Speaker of the House Anthony Rota, who invited Hunka, became one of the scandal's casualties. The invitation's origin remains shrouded in mystery, and questions abound about how this glaring oversight occurred.

The fallout from NaziGate has been a masterclass in poor crisis management and damage control. It took days for Rota to submit his resignation, and the Prime Minister's delayed response and insincere apology only deepened the public's disillusionment.

This scandal raises broader questions about Canada's historical ties to Nazis and the need for transparency. Canada's questionable record on admitting Nazis after World War II is a stain on its history. Prime Minister Trudeau must release secret files and address why these individuals were allowed into Canada and why their privacy is still protected.

Ultimately, as Canadians grapple with the fallout from NaziGate and the continued lack of accountability, it begs the question: why would anyone still consider voting for the Liberals in the next federal election?

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