Alberta NDP MLA smears Margaret Thatcher in legislature, "enjoys the fact that she is still dead"

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The Alberta New Democrat Party likes to brag about being feminist. They, like Trudeau, during their four year reign of destruction in Alberta did their best to boast a woefully inept, albeit gender-equal cabinet.

Perhaps though, just like with Trudeau, their feminist preening is deflection and projection away from their own sins. Trudeau bragged about his own feminism record and gender parity in cabinet to cover for his past abuse of stature against less powerful women.

Watch above, and let me take you through this shameful situation.

The Alberta NDP has a real problem with sexism, particularly grave dancing on a departed female leader of our commonwealth ally, the United Kingdom. One of their MLAs, Marlin Schmidt, celebrated the death of Conservative former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, lamenting that she didn’t die sooner. In a speech in the legislature.

What an absolute ghoul and disgrace. It's petty, grotesque and unbecoming of Alberta’s legislature, although not shocking from the party where the leader wears a Che Guevera watch.

But Schmidt said this monstrous thing because he knows he can get away with it. He knew there would be convenient silence from the mainstream media and no consequences from his own party.

Because he's done this before. That time though, Schmidt wasn’t sexist and ghoulish; however, he was pretty racist.

Conservative MLA Prassad Panda was born in India, but he’s as Albertan as anyone. Look at how Schmidt referred to Panda just a few short months ago:

Do you think a conservative would get away with that? Former NDP premier Rachel Notley recently drummed an indigenous lawyer out of a government appointment because he disagreed with Black Lives Matter, sharing a post made by black conservatives calling BLM a Marxist lie.

Notley said it wasn't enough to be not racist, you had to be anti-racist. So why is Schmidt still an MLA in her party? Perhaps her anti-racism talk is just a deflection like her feminism talk too?

And the media is – as they are on all NDP scandals and problems – asleep at the switch. But not us. Because we did something to make sure that when people want to know what Marlin Schmidt is all about, they will get the unvarnished truth. We bought, and when people google his name, they will see with their own eyes the things he has said about a woman politician and minority colleague, whose unredeemable crimes in his eyes were being conservative.

People will know what NDP leader Rachel Notley allows in her party. And what the mainstream media in Alberta turned a blind eye to every time they google Marlin Schmidt’s name. And forever remember, this is the same MLA who called an Indian born conservative MLA the member from wherever the hell.

The NDP have a sexist racism problem they are projecting on everyone else. Except they have the benefit of the media not pressing them for an apology. They get a pass. The gender parity legislature. Marlin Schmidt is ghoulish.

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