“Yeah, no idea”: Andrew Scheer hard to recognize in home town Regina

Andrew Scheer remains leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, despite saying in an email to members "I have resigned," past tense.

Since his supposed resignation, Scheer has been hiring and firing staff in the highest levels of the party. He is still disciplining caucus. He's decided to stay on as leader, apparently, for an indefinite amount of time.

Perhaps he is doing what Pierre Trudeau did in 1979. Trudeau Sr. announced his resignation to take the public heat off of him, and then burned time until the government of the day collapsed.

Just like Scheer, Trudeau's popularity was sagging, so the Liberals ran that campaign with the leader well out of the spotlight.

Could this be Scheer's last ditch attempt to move his family from Stornoway to 24 Sussex? I think it might.