Anti-Israel protesters take to the streets of London demanding 'Israeli ceasefire'

The Islamic celebration of Ramadan has not dampened the weekly anti-Israel protests in London. One speaker sent locals an ominous warning Saturday, claiming they 'soon will all be Palestinian.'

Anti-Israel protesters take to the streets of London demanding 'Israeli ceasefire'
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Thousands of anti-Israel protesters took to the streets of Woolwich, England, on Saturday to advocate against Jewish self-determination.

Each week since the October 7 Hamas terror attack perpetrated on Israeli civilians, which left 1,200 dead and another 240 kidnapped into Gaza, demonstrators have rallied against Israeli retaliation and the vague spectre of "Zionism."

The Islamic celebration of Ramadan has not put a damper on the weekly anti-Israel protest taking place in London.

March "with us in solidarity, with the Palestinian people," said one speaker, who claimed to not endorse mob rule or religious extremism. "We are neither antisemitic or Islamists," she added. "There is no room for hate or prejudice here."

Following her disclaimer, she called for "justice and peace, from the river to the sea," a controversial slogan sympathetic to the erasure of Israel.

"We want freedom for Palestine from a settler, colonial and occupational regime. We are here today to call for a ceasefire," the speaker continued.

Another speaker at the demonstration sent Londoners an ominous warning that they “soon will all be Palestinian.” 

He later condemned law enforcement for pulling down Palestinian flags from windows at a nearby shopping centre.

“The hundreds of people in that shopping centre, down to the police officers pulling flags down from windows, you too soon will all be Palestinian,” he claimed.

Genocidal chants of “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” rang through Saturday's protest in the southeast London neighbourhood.

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