Back to work with back pay! Big win for unvaccinated Richmond city workers

A mediated resolution between 39 unvaccinated Richmond, B.C. city staffers is seeing the group return to work with back pay.

Back to work with back pay! Big win for unvaccinated Richmond city workers
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Nearly 40 Richmond, British Columbia city workers have had a significant win when it comes to medical freedom after being off work without pay since Dec. 20, 2021.

The city employees, which included nine firefighters, were professionally punished for not complying with Richmond's COVID-19 vaccination policy. However, the workers have now been permitted to return to work with back pay dating to Feb. 21.

Additionally, the employees who chose to use vacation days to help cover the financial burden caused by the city's coercive no jab, no pay policy will have those vacation days reinstated.

The decision to treat the employees as equals to their COVID-19 inoculated colleagues is a result of a mediated resolution agreement that took place at end of March.

The regular employees fight for medical freedom and bodily autonomy was not without bumps along the road.

On Jan. 12, Randall Noonan, the same mediator who facilitated the negotiated agreement, denied the three unions that filed grievances for the workers application for “staying, limiting or altering the policy” that threatened the livelihoods of the workers to begin with.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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