Danielle Smith becomes the new leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta

The former leader of the Wildrose Party secured the support of 42, 423 members taking 53.77% of the vote of the United Conservative Party membership, making her the next premier of Alberta.

Danielle Smith becomes the new leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta
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Former Premier Jason Kenney announced his resignation after securing 51% support in a leadership review in May.

Smith, as leader of the Official Opposition, along with several Wildrose MLAs, crossed the floor to join the Progressive Conservative Party in 2014, triggering a cascade of events that contributed to the election of the far-left New Democratic Party in Alberta.

Smith left politics for seven years before re-entering the race to replace Kenney on an anti-lockdown, pro-freedom platform.

Leela Aheer dropped on the first ballot after receiving only 1.6% of the vote. Smith won 41.3% on the first ballot. 

On second ballot, Rajan Sawhey was let go, with only 2.7% of the vote. Todd Loewen also dropped off on the second ballot, while Rebecca Schultz had passed him by obtaining 8% of the vote. 

At this stage, Danielle Smith needed 8% more of the vote to win the race. 

On fourth ballot, Rebecca Schultz was let go, only receiving 8.4% of the vote. 


The results were decided on sixth ballot, where Smith won 54% of the vote. 

"No longer will Alberta ask Ottawa for permission to be free," Smith stated. "We will not have our resources landlocked or our energy fased out of existence by virtue signalling prime ministers."

"We will work with our fellow Canadians to build the most free and prosperous country on earth," she added.

Smith's speech touched on democracy, Alberta's sovereignty, and Justin Trudeau's authoritarian vaccine mandates, which were backed by Jason Kenney. 

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