Calgarians out in full force to protest vaccine passports at United for Freedom rally

Adam Soos headed down to the Calgary United for Freedom rally to talk to people on the ground and see how they feel about the newly implemented vaccine passports.

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For the second Saturday in a row Calgarians were out in full force to protest vaccine passports.

The United for Freedom rally took place at Century Gardens and was organized in opposition to vaccine mandates and passports.

Since last week's protest, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and the city council voted nearly unanimously to overrule the provincial governments “restriction exemption program” in order to deny designated businesses the right to refuse participation in vaccine passports, with only mayoral candidate Jeromy Farkas voting against the city’s vaccine passport bylaw. Nenshi’s continued vilification of those opposed to vaccine mandates further stoked disappointment and frustration among those opposed to forced and coerced vaccinations.

There was a wide variety of people with distinct backgrounds and stories in attendance, and all shared in the unified message of freedom of choice.

These protests are not “anti-vax” despite the dishonesty of mainstream media outlets and social media commentators, they are pro-freedom of choice protests. The nearly universal sentiment among people we spoke with at this protest was that everyone should be free to be vaccinated if it makes them and their loved ones feel safe, but the government has no business forcing or coercing people to undergo medical procedures or injections.

We also spoke with a large number of students, many of whom were attending protests for the very first time, who joined the march opposing vaccine passports because they are being excluded from their educations because they are not willing to be vaccinated.

Sadly, many of them are in their final year of school, and after an immense investment of time and money, they will be left with one semester left in their education and no skills or reasonable accommodations in place to allow them to finish.

If you agree that the government has no business forcing medical procedures on people with coercive mandates and demonizing rhetoric, sign our petition and help our legal battle at

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  • By David Menzies

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