Calgary pastor kicks cops, public health out of his church | Ezra Levant reacts

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Over this past weekend — Easter weekend, no less — the Calgary Police Service, accompanied by public health bureaucrats attempted to enter into the church of Street Church pastor Artur Pawlowski. Artur, the very first Fight The Fines client of Rebel News, once again had officers coming to pay him a visit. In December, Rebel News spoke to Artur after he was given a dozen more fines for continuing to feed Calgary's homeless population in violation of COVID restrictions. Now, months later the authorities were back, this time at Artur's church.

Artur's reaction to the government authorities entering his church went viral online, having been seen millions of times.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared his reaction to this powerful video:

I counted, he said “out” or “get out” or “go” 34 times. He did say please near the beginning, by the way. He said the word “immediately” eight times. He said the word “warrant” three times. Other great words in there, too, like “not welcome” and they did eventually bend the knee — very slowly. I looked and it took them one minute and 45 seconds to get off the property.

Say, if you were illegally trespassing on someone else's private property and the police were right there and told you to get off, do you think they'd let you dilly-dally for a minute and 45 seconds before physically throwing you out? Not on your life.

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