Watch an incredible video of a Christian pastor exorcise lockdown police from his church!

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Take a look at this video from a church in Calgary. It’s from this weekend. You might recognize the voice — you’ll see the face at the end.

That’s Artur Pawlowski. You might remember him as our very first Fight the Fines client, last year, for feeding the homeless. The same bully police literally ticketed him $1,200 for feeding poor people on the street. Yeah, they picked on the wrong guy.

I counted — he said out or get out or go 34 times. He did say please at the beginning, by the way. He said the word immediately eight times. He said the word warrant, as in a search warrant, three times. Other great words in there, like not welcome.

Say, if you were illegally trespassing on someone’s property — and the police were there and told you to get off, do you think they’d let you dilly-dally for nearly two minutes before physically throwing you out? Not on your life. You’d be pounded or tasered or just plain punched. Luckily, Artur has more self-control than that — and by the way, it’s never a good idea to physically assault an armed cop.

I see that just the other day, a Calgary judge let a couple of accused ISIS terrorists out on bail. So that’s fine — no armed cops needed to guard them.

But a Christian church on Easter weekend? Better send in cops with guns, eh?

As you may know, that’s illegal. I can’t imagine this law has been used a lot, but it’s on the books — it’s literally a crime to interrupt a church: every one who willfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Has that ever been prosecuted? I’ve never heard of it. I mean, who is that low, that sacrilegious, to interfere with a church service.

Well, that video was seen tens of millions of times over the weekend. 

At least as of yesterday, not a single Canadian media party outlet had covered what was the most viral video in the English world.

The Calgary Police were absolutely blasted by it online. They couldn’t help notice millions of people hollering at them. So they put out a press release yesterday:

Our statement regarding CPS presence at Street Church

What a disgrace the Calgary Police are becoming.

The pandemic didn’t disrupt church on Easter weekend. Six thugs did. 

Something’s wrong in Alberta. It’s supposed to be the freest place. And yet every weekend they do this. They do this at many churches — often bursting right in.

But it is destroying not only the reputation of Alberta as as free place that respects Christianity. But also destroying Kenney’s own reputation as a defender of religious freedom. That makes no sense to me. But it might explain why Kenney is actually trailing in the polls, in Alberta, to Rachel Notley’s hated NDP.

NEXT: Allum Bokhari (@LibertarianBlue on Twitter) on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' ruling on Section 230 and how it will impact free speech on social media platforms.

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