UPDATE: Charges dropped against Calgary pastor fined for feeding the homeless during COVID-19

The social distancing charges against Artur Pawlowski have been officially dropped by Crown prosecutors following Rebel NewsFightTheFines.com campaign to combat the trumped up charges.   

Back in mid-April, Pawlowski was feeding homeless people in downtown Calgary when over half a dozen police officers surrounded him and issued him a cool $1,200 fine. 

Apparently, this gathering contravened new coronavirus lockdown laws, but there were more police officers attending this "crime" than there were alleged offenders.

To rub salt in Pawlowski’s wound, only a handful of weeks later, the police looked on as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA radicals marched through the exact same spot where Pawlowski had been feeding the homeless. 

The sheer insanity of it almost sounds like fiction.

The charity was operating outside, which is much safer than any shelter feeding people in cramped close quarters.

That didn't matter to the police officers, who were acting strangely aggressive to a Christian pastor who was merely feeding the needy.

The total cost of defending the ticket was $2,200, and while that is over the cost of the initial ticket – safeguarding the liberties of Canadians is invaluable.  

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