Calgary's midday BLM march: Supporter defends violence, says Canada is racist

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Antifa radicals marched through downtown Calgary on Monday, disregarding social distancing laws and threatening violence against Calgarians.

Signs throughout the protest equated police to the KKK, and called them a “pandemic.”

When the radicals arrived at Calgary City Hall, they symbolically “took a knee,” alluding to the failed and disgraced former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. As they did this, the LGBT rainbow clad police that were marching along side the rally also kneeled. In protest of what, nobody can be sure.

The Calgary Police told Rebel News that they were told not to issue social distancing tickets, despite the risk this gathering posed to vulnerable people. Organizers added fine print to all of their posters, asking attendees to stay 2 meters apart – but that was quickly ignored by those calling for anarchy.

Seniors and those with compromised immune and respiratory symptoms are at risk of death if they come in contact with an infected person.

When asked for examples of police brutality against African-Canadians, nobody was able to candidly respond with an example.

The President of the United States has moved to label Antifa – a violent left-wing group – as a terrorist entity. The feral yuppies that make up Antifa frequently call for anarchy and seeks to punish those who practice the sin of capitalism.

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