Audit of $187 billion worth of Liberal infrastructure spending finds 20,000 missing projects

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Catherine McKenna is unable or unwilling to produce evidence of over 20,000 projects funded by the Federal Government through the Infrastructure Ministry. 

In January, the conservatives won the fight to audit the Liberals’ $187 billion infrastructure plans.  However, the Liberals aren't about to make holding them accountable easy. Canada's auditor-general told the House of Commons finance committee that his office has had to suspend work on all but three audits due to a lack of resources.  

Of all the things the Liberals spend money on to grow government, they've underfunded the one agency responsible for holding them accountable, perhaps because the Liberals know they have a real mismanagement scandal unfolding Infrastructure under Minister Catherine McKenna.  

Blacklock’s broke the news this week:  

Parliament's budget office can find no evidence of 20,000 projects subsidized with billions in federal tax dollars. Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna would not document where funds were spent, the Commons Government Operations committee was told. 

Budget Officer Yves Giroux said he could find no records on more than a third of the projects “started or completed”, a total 20,000. “We’ve asked the department and have been able to find information for 33,000 of these projects,” said Giroux. “We have not been able to see a list that includes all these 52,000 or 53,000 projects, only 33,000 of these projects.” 

Budget officer Giroux said he could find no records on more than a third of projects started or completed a total of 20,000. 

I found the incredible recording of this Operations Committee meeting, and I’ll show you that in today’s video.  

There is no more inept minister in all of the government than Catherine McKenna. She was a total laughingstock when she was at Environment and Climate Change — posting photos of puffins to wish us all happy Penguin Day, bashing oilpatch men as potential rapists on national TV and insisting we should all believe she rides her bike in high heels — and now she's lost track of half of her entire budget at Infrastructure.  

She should have been fired, already.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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