Liberals splurge $10M on social media COVID-19 vaccine campaigns

Canada’s health agency spent nearly $10 million on efforts to persuade the public to receive the novel mRNA COVID-19 injections through strategic messaging and promotion.

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Rebel News has learned that the Canadian government allocated nearly $10 million dollars to promote “safe and effective” injections COVID-19 injections on social beginning in 2020.

This highlights the increased costs associated with the Liberals' safe and effective COVID-19 regime. Despite billions wasted on expired or exported vaccines, along with hefty compensation for ousted unvaccinated pubic-sector employees and millions in mounting vaccine injuries, the tally rages on.

The shocking amount of advertising dollars was disclosed after Conservative MP Ted Falk tabled an order paper question in the House of Commons, asking Health Canada and its subsidiary, the Public Health Agency of Canada, to disclose how much was spent on advertising to promote the COVID-19 vaccines on social media.

In 2020 and 2021, taxpayers footed the bill for a series of campaigns titled “COVID-19 Vaccination – educate and build trust” and “COVID-19 Vaccination – mass campaign – ripple effect,” totalling $850,753 and a staggering $1,852,770 respectively.

These ads ran across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn during a time when alternative treatments were heavily censored and silenced online.

It appears that the government has largely removed the YouTube links to these videos, as the city of Toronto did with its vaccine-promoting propaganda videos geared towards parents and children. Some have been archived online.

COVID-19 Vaccination – ask the experts,” another campaign that ran in 2020/21, cost taxpayers $927,119 for this crucial endeavour.

Then, as the childhood COVID shots were being rolled out and fear was ramping up that kids were somehow at high risk, in swooped the “COVID-19 Vaccination – parents” campaign costing an enormous $1,527,335.

One of the ads released at the time drew parallels between putting helmets and sunscreen on children and injecting them with a novel therapeutic still in clinical trials.

COVID-19 Vaccination for parents, kids,” cost taxpayers another $1 million and change.

The government had also removed the link to this particular ad, which Archive Today saved. Through a title search, the video still appears on the Healthy Canadians Facebook page. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a former drama teacher, capitalized on all of this propaganda and got into character to roleplay.

“You’re still going to have to wear a mask sometimes,” the prime minister tells a group of children in December 2021, “but the masks are going to work much better when more and more people are vaccinated.”

Still, in 2021/22 there was a “COVID-19 vaccination – young adults” campaign that cost upwards of $407,000.

By 2022 and into 2023, there was a “booster campaign” that cost taxpayers $958,000. That same year saw the “Fall additional dose campaign” — a time when the purported “experts” suddenly updated “The Science” and switched from booster-shot language to a seasonal dosing regime; this campaign cost nearly $969,000.

Another “mini pediatrics” campaign was unveiled in 2022/23 that took $654,000 from taxpayers, a “booster for 50 to 70-year-olds” campaign costing almost $110,000 and finally, in 2023/24 an “additional dose campaign” costing almost $76,000.

All told, nearly $10 million was spent on social media campaigns aimed at various demographics, urging compliance with a novel biological product that does not prevent transmission or infection.

Interestingly, a methodological report penned for Health Canada by Ipsos Public Affairs stated that the “planned vaccination advertising campaign has been approved for $40.5M.”

It was to be rolled out in two phases:

In phase 1: Provide Canadian populations with the information they need to make an informed decision to get the COVID 19 vaccines when they become available to them by increasing confidence and trust in the COVID‐19 vaccines.

In phase 2: Increase awareness among all Canadians of the importance of the COVID 19 vaccine to protect themselves and motivate action.

Where did the other $30 million end up?

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