City of Toronto pulls controversial vaccine propaganda ads

The city quickly scrubbed their COVID19 vaccine ads from the public record after receiving backlash.

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The City of Toronto continues to push industrial strength manipulation tactics through COVID19 advertisements.

In a series of videos “aimed at parents and caregivers to highlight the impact of the pandemic on children, and remind them that vaccines are available,” the City of Toronto appears to have missed the mark. The reoccurring theme of the campaign is the isolation of unvaccinated children, to which the city faced severe public backlash, forcing them to pull the ads within hours of posting them.

There were 5 videos total, which spokesperson Brad Ross said “cost some $20,000” but “has now been paused while each is reviewed to ensure its messaging is clear.”

One video shows an infant born to parents suffering from severe hypochondria being coddled and isolated from meeting loved ones. Another alludes to children needing to be kept home from school and isolated if they’re not vaccinated, which is apparently a hinderance to the parents working from home. A different ad features a completely isolated child who struggles with schoolwork because he’s unvaccinated.

It appears that the shadowy Vaccine Engagement Teams (VETs) Program is responsible for the advertisements.

VETs recruits “community ambassadors.” The city has spent millions in taxpayer dollars for the campaign, and further for evaluations by Taylor Newberry Consulting to measure their success.

It seems like a massive waste of taxpayer dollars so we’re filing an access to information request to gather all relevant documents and communication involved in the decision to run these advertisements. You can help offset that work at Rebel

This is a small sampling of the kind of propaganda amplified by the City of Toronto under Mayor John Tory when it comes to COVID19 vaccines.

As soon as the injections were authorized under emergency use for those aged 12 and up in May of 2021, the City of Toronto hosted a vaccine clinic in Nathan Phillips Square with free ice cream and a DJ.

It was supposed to be some sort of May 2-4 long weekend vaccine party.

Elected officials had to share the excitement in free ice cream, too.

Executive Director of the University Health Network called this a “social medicine kicker.” That's Torontonians' tax dollars hard at work!

Before the injections were approved for 5-11 year old’s, which didn’t come until November 2021, the city had already kicked into action with a full-on superhero campaign in September of 2021 to prepare for the rollout of the injections.

Then Toronto Board of Health Chair, Joe Cressy, even preyed on the emotions of parents and children by saying that “Heroes protect their city – that’s exactly what you’re doing when you get vaccinated against COVID19.”

He pandered the FUN clinic plans on Twitter – highlighting that Team Toronto Kids would have superheroes, selfie stations, colouring sheets, superhero passport sticker books, animal footprints to help them comply with directional safety arrows and more!

They could even get their very own COVID19 vaccine clinic passport!

Toronto Mayor John Tory is quoted in the city of Toronto News Release:

“The Toronto Kids Vaccine Day team has pulled out all the stops for our city’s five- to 11-year-olds. Every piece of this Sunday’s clinic has been designed with the comfort of children and families in mind and there is no better opportunity for a child to be vaccinated. I encourage anyone on the fence to make an appointment as soon as possible and come down to Scotiabank Arena this Sunday to take part in the activities, entertainment and giveaways that will make for a positive, memorable vaccination experience.”

Is it any wonder that the City of Toronto published such extreme advertisements in wake of the other heavily marketed vaccine campaigns?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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