'McGill Funds Genocide' Montreal students begin ‘indefinite’ anti-Israel encampment

Canada’s first anti-semitic tent city forms at McGill University as part of a recent campus movement across America.

'McGill Funds Genocide' Montreal students begin ‘indefinite’ anti-Israel encampment
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Early Saturday afternoon, Palestinian activists announced on social media their ‘indefinite’ tent city protest on the grounds of Montreal’s prestigious McGill University, dubbing the protest camp the “Liberated Zone”.

The campers are calling for the institution to sever all ties with Israel and terminate all investment in the “Zionist regime” which the activists claim is perpetrating an “ongoing genocide”.

This is the first of its kind in Canada.

Across America, students and their leftwing enablers in the academic and political class have begun erecting tents on campuses, disrupting studies and, shockingly, intimidating Jewish students with threats and antisemitic chants.

“Following in the revolutionary steps of their American counterparts” one social media post shares, calling for more students and the public to stand in solidarity with the student’s camp.

Rebel’s Ezra Levant was on the ground at New York’s Columbia University and the Fashion Institute of Technology reporting on the protests. However, those he spoke with had little geopolitical comprehension.

Rebel News Quebec’s Alexa Lavoie, reporting at McGill University, notes the city’s police force, the SPVM, was on the scene Saturday, creating a perimeter with their police vans.

Inside the University grounds, facing the tent city presumably where only students in favour are allowed entry, dozens of others are seen joining in with the pro-Palestinian chants, including genocidal rhetoric towards Israel.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” a commonly heard chant at such demonstrations, calls for the erasure of the Jewish state and its occupants.

In a video Alexa Lavoie posted to her X account, formerly known as Twitter, an upside-down Canadian flag crudely spray painted with “colonizer 4 colonizer” implied Canada is culpable in its own genocide. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously labelled Canada responsible for genocide against Indigenous people.

“Queer Liberation means free Palestine” posters read on a table with propaganda papers and keffiyeh-wearing males and Arabic lettering on the bottom.

Gaza has murdered openly gay men.

Currently, McGill is plagued with approximately two dozen tents, far smaller than its American counterparts. One tent is labeled“toilet.”

Many of the protesters try to hide their identity with keffiyehs and COVID masks.

Another sign reads, “McGill funds genocide”, in reference to the investment ties the institution has with Israeli companies.

Supplies can be seen in Lavoie’s video, attesting to the occupiers' claim of this demonstration being indefinite in length.

A protest banner reads 'Profs for Palestine' in French, it is unclear if the professors are pictured holding and wearing Arabic scarfs and masks.

American Universities have seen hundreds of arrests, including professors for disorderly conduct and trespass.

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