Media fact checkers remain silent after Liberal cabinet minister makes egregious claim

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Tonight, Ezra reports on a revealing lie from a Trudeau cabinet minister, claiming all conservatives should "leave the room" in a bid to equate their principles with neo-Nazism.

The April 30 tweet amassed nearly 700,000 views, and Marci Ien, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, turned off the ability for voters to talk back and ask questions.

Courtesy of X, formerly Twitter, the minister was subject to a community note. It reads: "As per official HOC question period transcript & video, the Speaker ordered Poilievre to exit the chamber after Pierre called the PM & his policies 'wacko.' Pierre eventually withdrew the word, but replaced it with 'extreme,' at which the Speaker ordered him out (for the day)."

There's a thousand words that can be said about the gross eleven-word tweet. The disgust intensifies when the average Joe learns Minister Ien is a former journalist.

She actively tried to trick the public by suggesting the Conservative Party has a neo-Nazi problem. In fact, the Liberal Party of Canada has an accountability problem. 

This from a cabinet minister who gave a standing ovation to Yaroslav Honka, an actual Nazi SS officer invited by the Prime Minister to Parliament when Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky came to Ottawa.

Moreover, where are the fact checkers? We saw the community notes in the minister's tweet, but media fact checkers were noticeably absent.

Where's THE CBC fact check? Reuters fact check? Associated Press? I've never seen them fact check a Liberal. Those same Liberals who throw around the term Nazis as a partisan weapon without justification.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, presents the Teddy Waste Awards for worst government waste. 

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