Antisemitic incidents skyrocket across Canada: B'nai Brith audit

“Statistics make it abundantly clear when there is unrest in Israel, Jewish Canadians suffer unduly,” said B'nai Brith research director Richard Robertson.

Antisemitic incidents skyrocket across Canada: B'nai Brith audit
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Last year, there were a total of 77 violent crimes targeting Jewish schoolchildren, storekeepers, and other citizens, as reported by B’nai Brith in its Annual Audit Of Antisemitic Incidents.

“Five thousand, seven hundred and ninety-one: That is the number of antisemitic incidents B’nai Brith logged,” said research director Richard Robertson to reporters, reports Blacklock's Reporter.

“Statistics make it abundantly clear when there is unrest in Israel, Jewish Canadians suffer unduly,” said Robertson. “However, these foreign conflicts are not solely responsible for the horrific upsurge in antisemitism in 2023. The levels of antisemitism were already on the rise.”

MPs have documented numerous antisemitic crimes following the killing and kidnapping of Jews by Hamas terrorists in Israel on October 7th.

In a report dated December 6, the Commons Justice Committee recommended measures to protect Canadians, suggesting that cabinet establish an Anti-Hate Crime Task Force to coordinate the protection of faith communities. However, no action was taken on this recommendation, despite federal funding allocations to the existing non-profit The Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

Robertson said that the figures warrant "immediate action," as the severity of the crimes cannot be ignored. These include the attempted firebombing of a Montreal Synagogue, bomb threats against the Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy in Toronto, and Montreal Jewish schools being shot at multiple times.

The total of 5,791 reported incidents this year is the highest on record, surpassing any previous year by a significant margin. In 2023, all regions of Canada experienced substantial increases in antisemitic incidents compared to 2022, except Quebec.

According to the 2023 audit, Ontario reported the highest number of incidents, logging 2,401 cases, marking a 77.5% increase from the previous year.

Quebec followed with 523 incidents, representing a 27.6% decrease. British Columbia and the Yukon reported 482 incidents, marking a 99.2% increase, while Alberta and the Northwest Territories saw 352 incidents, a 193.3% increase. The Prairies and Nunavut reported 335 incidents, a 400% increase, and Atlantic Canada recorded 117 incidents, marking a 108.9% increase.

“The attacks we have seen against the Jewish community in Canada are unlike anything we have seen with other foreign tragedies,” said senior legal counsel for B'nai Brith David Matas.

Yesterday, the House of Commons unanimously voted 327-0 to endorse a justice committee report calling for immediate measures to protect faith communities.

This decision came after postsecondary students issued warnings that Canadian universities were harbouring antisemitic sentiments.

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