UPDATE: 1,000 students evacuated as bomb threat called in to Toronto Jewish school

Rebel News has obtained a copy of a threatening email sent to the school, which warned "many Jews will die today."

UPDATE: 1,000 students evacuated as bomb threat called in to Toronto Jewish school
The Times of Israel
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A bomb threat has been made against the Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, located in the city's north end, with students now evacuated from the school to a nearby synagogue.

The school, commonly known as TanenbaumCHAT, is home to more than 1,000 high school students and is Canada's largest Jewish school.

Last month, the school was the target of alleged threats by three suspected Hamas supporters. At the time, Toronto police said the hate crimes unit was investigating the incident.

Rebel News reporter Lincoln Jay is on the scene, investigating the story further.

In a further update from the school, Lincoln Jay notes there are about a dozen Toronto Police Service vehicles at the location, while a helicopter circles above.

Police were also at a Jewish daycare in Toronto, which was also allegedly threatened. It's unknown if the two incidents are linked, but images circulating on social media showed a Toronto police officer pushing infants to safety.

Rebel News has obtained a copy of the threat sent to the school, which was made via email.

Titled "Death by fire", the threat warned of bombs planted in the school building and parking lot, adding that "many Jews will die today."

Reporting from TanenbaumCHAT, Lincoln Jay says the school's evacuation order has been lifted by Toronto police.

He also spoke with city councillor James Pasternak, who told Rebel News police were at the location within minutes to evacuate the school after it received the threat. "There's an all-clear here, there's no threat," Pasternak said. "We need everybody to tone down the temperature and make sure Toronto stays safe and hate free."

Investigations into the threat's origin are ongoing.

"These are the kind of crimes that you absolutely have to pursue vigorously," the councillor added. "When you've got people that will go to this length, you don't know how far they'll go."

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