Canada was free, now it's “communist”: Vancouver's anti-lockdown Freedom Rally

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On Sunday September 13, Ryan Kulbaba of A Celebration of Freedoms and Rights, along with other freedom focused groups, hosted the Vancouver Freedom Rally 2020.

The rally, which attracted several hundred protesters, brought together people focused on a number of freedom-related social issues, including COVID-19 restrictions, medical mandates, censorship, and even human trafficking.

Many told me they were united against any kind of tyranny.

Despite the seriousness of those topics, the five-hour rally had a happy atmosphere overall. Along with live music, passionate speeches were delivered from the top of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s steps.

Rebel News covered all five hours of this event because we knew if we didn’t tell the truth about it, the mainstream media would diminish the legitimate concerns these Canadians were raising.

And we were right:

Global News described the rally as a collection of “anti-mask and anti-vaccine advocates, 5G and child-trafficking conspiracy theorists and members of a far-right group.”

Now you know from my report that it was so much more than that.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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