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Cancel culture strikes again! Veteran radio broadcaster FIRED over so-called 'offensive' comment

Just one hitch: Shurman said absolutely nothing offensive!

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Well, another one bites the dust thanks to that oh-so-despicable virus. No, I speak not of COVID-19, but rather, something that is perhaps even far more insidious: cancel culture.

The latest victim: veteran broadcaster Peter Shurman, who had been filling in as a talk show host at AM640 Toronto for the past five years. Alas, Peter was fired earlier this month due to a baffling incident that occurred during a broadcast on September 24.

The skinny: Peter was introducing an uber-woke activist, Farah Khan, regarding how Smart Serve Ontario’s new training program will include training to recognize sexual violence and drug-induced sexual assault.

Prior to introducing Khan, Peter spoke of a young female family member who once stayed with him years ago. Peter said he advised her to be very diligent when going to a bar given that some strangers might take it upon themselves to spike her drink with a drug if it is left unattended. Peter said he told her not to "wind up in trouble" should she leave her drink at the bar while using the restroom.

Well, can you believe it? THAT innocuous anecdote triggered Khan so much that she lambasted Peter for mentioning it — and then hung up, thereby terminating the interview.

Once upon a time, that would’ve been the end of it — a screwball guest went nuts over whatever and everybody would move on. But not in 2021. Khan took to social media and whined about her "mistreatment." Poor darling.

As for Peter, he was told by management to write a letter of apology (which he did); yet, after it was delivered, he was still nevertheless fired by the pushover Larry Gifford, the National Director for Talk Radio for Corus Entertainment.

To add injury to insult, Farah Khan was then invited back on to the AM640 morning show, where host Greg “Bootlicker” Brady offered her a grovelling apology.

But again, the question arises: why? What crime did Peter Shurman commit that led to such an economic death sentence?

Well, there was no crime. Farah Khan is just the latest social justice snowflake to have her feelings hurt for reasons that escape us. And Peter Shurman is the latest sacrificial lamb, served up on a platform to the pathetic nattering nabobs of negativity who make up Woke Nation.

Of note, AM640’s strategy of increasingly going woke is apparently making it go broke: in the last radio ratings book, AM640 was second from the bottom of all Toronto AM and FM stations! Clearly, listeners are not buying the politically correct garbage AM640 is trying to sell. How sad. Twenty years ago, this station was known as Mojo Radio – “Talk radio for guys” as its slogan used to proclaim. It actually had solid ratings in that format, but the heat from the Farah Khans and assorted soy boys led to a rebranding of Mojo Radio. So it is, that this frequency now transmits harmless, inoffensive content – that barely anyone listens to…

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