Cops hit Mom's Diner with $1,200 COVID lockdown ticket

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Alberta's United Conservative government announced a loosening of the lockdown stranglehold on Alberta restaurants on Friday afternoon.

Restaurants can return to dine-in service February 8th with severely reduced capacity. However, the announcement came too late for dozens of restaurants all across the province that staged a rebellion and reopened in defiance of the lockdown in the week preceding the announcement.

Mom's Diner in Red Deer was one of those businesses saying enough was enough. They welcomed customers back into their dining room in advance of the lifting of the lockdown.

Law enforcement and Alberta Health services have issued them a fine for their act of survival. I was on scene, visiting Mom's Diner as part of my ongoing anti-hunger strike to patronize brave good service entrepreneurs fighting the lockdown, when the cops and bureaucrats showed up on Thursday to fine Mom's Diner $1,200 for breaching the order of the chief medical officer of health, Deena Hinshaw that closed their booths back in December.

Mom's Diner and dozens of other restaurants just like them dragged the government kicking and screaming into the decision that may save the industry. Now they need our help. Support them. Patronize them. Send them some moral support. 

If you are a small business owner making the decision to open for survival, reach out to Rebel News at That's our special portal for businesses that are willing to defy the lockdown and we'll tell your side of the story. 


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