COVID charges tossed! Bladez 2 Fadez barbershop allowed to reopen

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Remember the story of Natalie Klein of Innisfail, Alberta? We first met her through our initiative to showcase brave business owners willing to stand up to the lockdown,

She is the central Alberta barbershop owner (and niece of former Conservative Premier Ralph Klein) who decided she wasn't going to sit idly by and let a government-imposed COVID closure take everything that she had worked for.

Klein reopened her barbershop in defiance of the lockdown restrictions that forced her to close. Closing barbershops didn't make any sense to Klein anyway, since her industry wasn't responsible for a single COVID outbreak.

And Klein received immediate support from members of her community, with the exception of the usual scolds: Facebook busybodies and corona-scaredy cats, as well as local hairdressers without the tenacity to do what she did. Klein also received a visit from the cops, and health inspectors who issued her a summons to appear in Red Deer court for violating the public health order.

But right after Klein opened her barbershop, the government backed away from the shutdown of personal care businesses. Klein had forced the government to make a decision to reopen, and she changed things for the entire industry, but she also put herself in legal jeopardy to do it.

The fight for her business even inspired Klein to run for town council in Innisfail, to make sure there are freedom-minded people like her making municipal bylaws.

Rebel News hired a litigation specialist, Chad Williamson from Williamson Law, to fight Klein's case in court. Williamson is the top gun lawyer who helped Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe beat Alberta Health Services in court when he was prosecuted for opening his dining room to customers again.

Today was Klein's court date. And guess what? All charges were dropped!

Taking on the government is a scary proposition, but it can be done, as business owners like Chris Scott and Natalie Klein have shown us.

Natalie Klein couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you to everyone who supported her fight by donating at You helped make this great victory for freedom possible!

Unfortunately, there's still a lot of work left to do to protect civil liberties and a lot of people left to help fight their fines.

If you've received a lockdown ticket like Natalie, don't pay it, fight it. Plead not guilty and send it to us at

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  • By David Menzies

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